27 May 2012

Beryl to make US landfall tonight

Since my previous update, Beryl has gotten much better organized, and not only is it now a fully tropical storm, it intensified to 55kts as it passed over the warm Gulf Stream ocean current.  It is just 85 miles offshore and heading west toward Jacksonville at 9kts.  The satellite image here shows the storm prior to sunset.  And again, this is truly rare to have two tropical storms form prior to June 1... it has happened just 2 other times since records began in 1851 (those years were 1887 and 1908).

I have a couple long radar loops available at here, and the image as of this post shows a formidable storm heading for the coast with major bands already impacting the coast...

Tropical Storm warnings are shown below, and many coastal towns in the storm's path are already experiencing TS conditions.  Although not quite a hurricane, this storm should be taken seriously if you're anywhere near its path... storms that make landfall while intensifying are notably more severe than storms of the same intensity but on a weakening trend.  Northern FL and eastern GA and SC can expect about 6" of rain, with some locations perhaps receiving a foot.  Areas immediately on the coast north of the landfall location could experience up to a 4' storm surge.

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