02 September 2010

Earl approaching NC coast, Fiona turning towards Bermuda, Gaston is named...

From Kate Musgrave:

Hurricane Earl has re-strengthened into a Category 4 hurricane, with its intensity at 15Z estimated at 120kt/932mb.  Hurricane warnings continue on the NC coast and have been issued for parts of the Mass coast.  Hurricane watches extend from the NC/VA border up through DelMarVa peninsula.  Tropical storm warnings extend from the NC/VA border up to Mass, with tropical storm watches for parts of Long Island and extending from Mass up through Maine and parts of Nova Scotia, Canada.  It is expected to weaken in intensity as it approaches the North Carolina coast, but still be a major hurricane at its closest approach overnight tonight/early Friday morning.  Earl is expected to then accelerate and turn towards the NE, bringing it close to Mass by Friday night and then approaching Nova Scotia Saturday.

Tropical Storm Fiona has weakened slightly over the past day, and begun turning more to the N.  As of 15Z it is estimated at 45kt/1002mb, moving NNW at 15kts.  Fiona is expected to continue recurving to the N and NE, heading towards Bermuda.  Tropical storm warnings have been posted for Bermuda.  Fiona continues to deal with a much less favorable environment than Earl's, and the official forecast continues weakening Fiona before dissipating it in 4 days.

TD9 strengthened into Tropical Storm Gaston yesterday at 21Z, before dropping back down to a depression at 15Z today.  It is currently about 1600 miles east of the Lesser Antilles and has slowed its forward motion.  As of 15Z it is estimated at 30kt/1008mb, heading WNW at 6kts.  It is expected to track WNW over the next several days and is still a week away from the Lesser Antilles, with the majority of models bringing it to hurricane intensity within that time.

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