09 November 2009

Ida still heading for US coast...

Since my last update when Ida had just crossed into Nicaragua, it continued north into the western Caribbean, then between Yucatan and Cuba as it intensified to a Category 2 hurricane.  It's now a CAT1 storm, but heading straight north toward the MS/AL/FL Panhandle area.  Landfall there is expected very early tomorrow morning as a strong TS or minimal hurricane.

The hurricane doesn't look too impressive on satellite... the convection is mostly offset to the north of the circulation due to 30kts+ of vertical wind shear.  The SST is 27C and decreasing with time.

You can see the latest Tropical Storm and Hurricane Watches/Warnings at http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/storm_graphics/AT11/refresh/AL1109W_NL+gif/
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