02 December 2005

Epsilon upgraded to a hurricane...

Although the official hurricane season ended two days ago, at 15Z today, 
Epsilon was upgraded to a hurricane, making it the 14th of the year (the 
"average" number is 6).  The previous record for number of hurricanes in 
a season was 12.  Epsilon became somewhat less organized yesterday, but 
today looks much better... more symmetric, more convection, more 
outflow.  It once again has an eye.  It's in about 20kts of westerly 
shear and the SST is about 24C.

Satellite-estimated intensity is 65kts and 987mb, and it's moving NE at 
12kts.  Current location is way out at 33.7N 48.2W, safely in the north 
central part of the basin between the Azores and Bermuda.  It is forecast 
to gradually weaken and continue a northeast motion.  Over much colder 
water, it should decay to a fossil cyclone in a couple days.

This now brings the seasonal Net Tropical Cyclone activity up to 261%, 
meaning that 2005 has been about 2.6 times more active than an average 

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