16 September 2015

Tropical Depression 9 forms in central Atlantic

As I described in Monday's update, the easterly wave that was near 38°W was just upgraded to Tropical Depression 9.  It was a bit slow to get organized, but it did track northwest as expected.  It's currently centered about 1200 miles east of the Lesser Antilles and moving north-northwest at 8 mph.

It is entering a more hostile environment, so it may not be around long, and it won't get near any land or islands. If it should manage to sneak up to tropical storm intensity, the next name is Ida.

And, same as on Monday, there is a potent easterly wave right behind it which could become TD10 (or the next name after Ida is Joaquin) this week too.

This disturbance is also forecast to recurve by 45°W, and perhaps strengthen slightly in the coming days.

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