14 September 2005

Ophelia pounding the NC coast...

Hurricane Ophelia has still not technically made landfall as of 22Z, but 
the western eyewall is raking the coast, exposing every coastal 
community in NC to the eyewall for hours due to its slow motion.  Aside 
from the torrential rains which may total 20" in some places, a 10' 
storm surge can be expected in the bays of eastern NC.

As of 22Z, Ophelia was located at 34.2N 77.0W, or approximately 40 miles 
form the coast.  Keep in mind that center position is the location of 
the center of the large eye, so hurricane-force winds already can be 
found inland.  Intensity is 75kts and 979mb, with perhaps a bit more 
strengthening in the next 12-24 hours.  You can follow its progress via 
radar imagery at 

Elsewhere, a large tropical wave that exited Africa on September 8 is 
making its way westward across the deep tropics.  Currently at about 7N 
45W, it's taking a very far south track, reminiscent of Ivan 2004.  
Conditions do appear favorable for gradual intensification, and this 
should become TD 17, and the next name on deck is Philippe.
Please visit my tropical Atlantic headquarters.

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