30 November 2004

Otto forms in the central Atlantic...

On the last day of the official hurricane season, Tropical Storm Otto
formed in the north central part of the basin, about 800 miles east of
Bermuda.  It began several days ago as an upper Low which transitioned
to a surface Low, gradually acquiring subtropical characteristics, and
over the last couple of days acquired tropical characterisitics.  i.e.,
relatively deep and persistent convection near the center of the
circulation and a warm core aloft.  This is the 15th named storm of the

At 21Z today, Otto was located at 31.8N 51.0W and tracking N at 4kts. 
Satellite-estimated intensity is 40kts and 997mb.  Over the next 2-3
days, the storm is forecast to drift to the east and slowly weaken in
the face of increasing vertical wind shear.

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