30 June 2003

Bill makes landfall...

Shortly after yesterday's update, Hurricane Watches were posted in
addition to the Tropical Storm Warnings, as TS Bill was showing signs of
better organization and a possibility of reaching hurricane strength
prior to landfall.  Although he did not attain hurricane strength, the
presentation on radar and satellite imagery was very impressive.  During
the mid-morning hours today, a radar in southeast LA showed a very
obvious eyewall, while such a feature was not so apparent from the cloud
tops.  The MSLP fell 13mb in 24 hours ending 21Z today, or more
impressively, it fell 10mb in 9 hours ending at 21Z.  It was definitely
on the intensifying trend, but landfall occurred just as it was getting
better organized.

Landfall occured at roughly 21Z at Terrebonne Bay in Terrebonne Parish,
LA.  Intensity at landfall was 55kts and 997mb.  There is major flash
flooding occurring, and radar has indicated over 12" has fallen at
places, and as of this writing, 4 tornadoes have been reported
associated with Bill.  Rapid disspiation is expected as he travels
inland over MS, AL, TN, and VA during the next few days.

Please visit my tropical Atlantic headquarters.

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